SIB50110 Diploma of Beauty Therapy

Diploma Beauty Therapy

This qualification allows students to further their career in beauty therapy in specialised and advanced areas. It also offers beauty therapists options for further career advancement including teaching or managerial positions, salon ownership, specialised post-graduate work or career as a representative for a beauty therapy company.

Course Structure

  • SIBBBOS401A Perform body massage
  • SIBBBOS402A Provide body treatments
  • SIBBCCS301A Apply the principles of skin biology to beauty treatments
  • SIBBCCS302A Advise on beauty services
  • SIBBCCS403A Recognise body structures and systems in a beauty therapy context
  • SIBBCCS404A Work in a skin therapies framework
  • SIBBCCS405A Develop treatment plans
  • SIBBCCS406A Use electricity in beauty therapy treatments
  • SIBBCCS407A Interpret the chemical composition and physical actions of cosmetic products
  • SIBBCCS408A Promote healthy nutritional options in a beauty therapy context
  • SIBBFAS302A Provide lash and brow treatments
  • SIBBFAS404A Perform facial treatments
  • SIBBFAS405A Provide advanced facial treatments
  • SIBBHRS301A Perform waxing treatments
  • SIBBNLS201A Work in a nail services framework
  • SIBBNLS202A Provide manicure and pedicare services
  • SIBXCCS201A Conduct financial transactions
  • SIBXCCS202A Provide service to clients
  • SIRXCOM001A Communicate in the workplace
  • SIBXFAS201A Design and apply make-up
  • SIRXIND001A Work effectively in a retail environment
  • SIRXOHS001A Apply safe working practices
  • HLTIN402B Maintain infection control standards in office practice settings
  • SIBBHRS504A Provide electrolysis treatments
  • SIRXCCS003A Coordinate interaction with customers
  • SIBBSKS505A Provide upper body piercing
  • SIRXMGT001A Coordinate work teams
  • SIRXQUA001A Develop innovative ideas at work
  • SIBXRES501A Investigate new products and services
  • SIRXSLS004A Build relationships with customers

Course Details

Course Commencement Date: TBA
Course Cost: Was $12,000, Now $9,000.00
Tuition Days: TBA
Tuition Hours: TBA
Duration: 12 months


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