Laser Safety Courses

Laser Safety Courses

This course is delivered over 1 day and is intended to equip students with the application of IPL and laser safety in a beauty industry clinical treatment environment. Experienced beauty therapists may apply IPL or laser equipment for a range of dermal treatments.

IPL and laser hair reduction are performed by experienced beauty therapists with significant knowledge of skin and hair biology, light physics, and laser safety; and a broad experience in providing a range of skin therapies and hair reduction treatments. They exercise judgement in planning and implementing an appropriate treatment program to safely achieve desired hair reduction outcomes for each client. Students will learn;

Course Structure

  • Basic biophysics of laser and IPL technologies
  • Setting up equipment to ensure client safety
  • light interaction with skin and hair
  • contraindications to laser and IPL treatments
  • Laser tissue interaction
  • Personal protective eyewear
  • Particular hazards of laser/IPL treatment
  • Patient specific hazards
  • Fire, explosion and environmental hazards
  • Australian standards, regulations and guidelines.
  • Investigation and management of laser accidents/incidents.
  • Eye protection and protective eyewear.
  • Laser controlled areas—designation, warning signs, entry controls, control of access to the laser.

Course Details

  • Course Commencement Date: TBA
  • Course Cost: $750
  • Tuition Hours: TBA
  • Duration: 1 day


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